Large Sandstone Buddha Head, Eastern Thailand, Khmer Influence, 12-13th Century

Large sandstone head of Buddha with anatomical Khmer features of a peaceful face, heavy-lidded eyes beneath gently curved brows, bow-shaped lips, elongated pendant lobes with heavy earrings, a crown across the top of the forehead and a snail-like covering of the the top of the head, Angkor Period, 12-13th century, Cambodia, former property of Doris Duke.  Extensive wear. Eastern Thailand or Cambodia, 12-13th century.

15.75 inches

39.4 cm

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Hardstone Male Fragmented Head, Cambodia, Angkor Wat Baphuon Period, 11 – 12th C

This characteristic hardstone carving of a male deity with a serene expression, prominent almond-shaped eyes,  full lips with a slight smile, ridged eyebrows, broad nose, and framed by large ears under a simple coiffure of plaited braids drawn up into a domed chignon encircled by a simple diadem identifies this subtle and voluptuous sculpture as being from the great Khmer Baphuon period (11th century).  Minor damage to the nose. Khmer, Angkor Period, Baphuon style, 11th Century

6.25 inches tall

15.9 cm tall


Cambodian Silver Box in Form of Stag, Early 20th Century

Chased and repousse silver betel nut box in shape of a recumbent stag with feet curled under his body.  Adorned  with flowers and scrolling tendrils, his antlers spread majestically from his head. Early 20th century

5 x 3

12.7  x  8.9 cm 


Khmer Sandstone Temple Lions, Angkor Wat Period, 10th Century

Pair of sandstone temple lions from Angkor Period, 10th Century. Both have been restored on the lower legs and restored, Angkor Wat Period, 10th Century

30 inches

76.2 cm

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Khmer Stone Torso, Uma, Angkor Baphoun Period,11th Century

Beautiful and finely carved sandstone image of Uma, Shiva’s consort, in classic Baphoun style, including the tight clinging skirt with fish tail pleat and the ripe rounded breasts.

14 x 7.5 inches

35.6 x 19.1 cm


Silver Box in Shape of Temple Lion, Cambodia, Middle 20th Century

Silver Box, in shape of Temple Lion with red glass or stone eyes and chaste silver fur .  This type box was used to hold betel nut mixtures. 20th century

4.5 x 4 inches

11.43 x 10.16


Khmer Stone Head, Cambodia, Pre-Angkor, 8-9th Century

Stone head of a male Khmer diety pre-dates the Angkor Empire., 8-9th century, traces of blue.  6th-9th century

6.5 x 3.75 inches

16.5 x 9.5 cm


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