About The Scanlan Collection

The Scanlan Collection is an eclectic selection of extraordinary works of art and antiques from all corners of the world.  With a heavy emphasis on Arts of Asia, my collections include sculpture, ceramics, textiles, paintings, basketry, graphic arts, and photography.

As a military dependent, extensive travel throughout Europe and Asia and countless hours exploring museums and galleries helped develop an appreciation for fine arts.  My own collection began in 1968 while serving in the U.S. Army and since then, by constantly refining my interests, I have acquired an amazing assortment of culturally diverse works of art.

Prices listed represent approximate gallery or secondary market values for each piece.  While I would love to realize the prices listed, in most cases, they are not realistic for an online gallery, so should only be considered for informational purposes. 

With this in mind, I welcome you to enjoy my site and if anything captures your attention, feel free to contact me to discuss it or make a reasonable offer, but please do not offer more than my listed price!   If you do select anything, you’ll certainly add an impressive work of art or a remarkable antique to your home or office and most likely will acquire it below market value. 

For inquiries, please contact me via email at Michael@thescanlancollection.com


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